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Our French programs in mini-groups are designed for adult students (+18).
We advise you to book your French class at least 2 weeks before the start date. However, late booking could be accepted if a space available. Check Availability

All students including beginners must take Oral & Written level tests 2-3 weeks before the starting date. In case of late tests, the school does not guarantee the placement in an appropriate group. The student not taking placement tests will be required to sit for the tests on the first day and start class next day. There is no refund or replacement for missed classes.

In case of late booking (less than 2 weeks before start date), the availability of seat is not guaranteed until you take placement tests. If no seat is available, you can postpone the starting date. If you cancel, the registration fee of 60€ is non-refundable.

Registration is possible from 1 week to 1 year throughout year. Except for complete BEGINNERS, you can join the class any Monday.

Starting dates of complete beginners : INTENSIVE 15h course (STANDARD 7,5h course unavailable)
(2024): 8/1, 5/2, 4/3, 2/4 (no class on Monday 1/4 due to holiday, replacement lessons offered), 29/4, 3/6, 1/7, 29/7, 2/9, 30/9, 28/10, 25/11

The school is closed on national holidays and there is no refund for the missed classes. However, we will arrange replacement classes during the same week, for which the detailed information will be informed on the first day of the week.

(2024) : 1/1, 1/4, 1/5, 8/5, 9/5, 20/5, 15/8, 1/11, 11/11, 25/12 (School Closure 23/12/24-29/12/24)


Full payment is required for reservation of French courses and accommodation : CALCULATE Price
In case you register for 10 weeks+, installement payment might be possible. Contact us 

♦ Secured online payment for French & European bank VISA/MASTER cards
We only accept French and European bank credit cards (UK, Swiss cards excluded) for online payments on our website. To pay from non-European bank accounts (UK, Switzerland included), you need to choose TransferMate. Attention : If you still wish to use non-European credit cards on our website, we will charge you an additional 3% of the total price on the first day of your course.

If you book Online but prefer to make OFF-LINE payement, we’ll send you a credit card payment authorisation form. Contact us

Office hours: 9h30 – 20h00, Monday-Thursday, 9h00-17h Friday, 9h30-11h30 Saturday (French time)
TEL +33 1 73 70 17 69

♦ TransferMate for non-European bank accounts – VISA/MASTER/AMEX & Bank transfer:
To pay from non-European bank accounts (UK, Switzerland included), please choose TransferMate.
More information

♦ Bank Transfer: payable to LUTECE LANGUE.
A copy of transaction needs to be sent to the school at the time of reservation of French course.

=Our bank information=
SOCIETE GENERALE Paris St. Dominique
106 rue St Domminique 75007 Paris
Bank & Branch Code : 30003 – 03290
Account N°: 000 20042325
IBAN: FR76 3000303290 00020042325 96

*Note : The net price must be received by the school. All the incurring bank commissions are at the charge of the sender.

♦ Check: in Euros, payable in France (Travellers’ checks are not accepted). Please send a check to the school for reservation of French course.

♦ Cash: must be paid at the school before the starting of course.


In order to apply for a Student VISA, you are required to book INTENSIVE PLUS 20h (Intensive + 1 Thematic Workshop + E-learning) during the period of your stay in France. Once a deposite payment  is received by bank transfer, the school will send you a Certificate of registration within 2 working day. See FAQ 
Students applying for 6-month student visa must make full payment no later than 2 weeks before the course starting date. Students applying for 1 year student visa must make the 2nd deposit payment no later than 2 weeks before the course starting date and the balance payment withing 1 month from the course starting date.

  • * 6 month Student VISA – min. 20 week course : deposit 2250€, total course fee 6000€ (+ 100€ registration and certificate fees)
  • * 1 year Student VISA – min. 40 week course : deposit 4425€, total course fee 11 800€  (+ 100€ registration and certificate fees)

Once the school issues a Certificate of registration by email/post, your registration is considered definitive and any request for cancellation/modification/refund will not be accepted unless your visa application is rejected.

If your visa application is rejected, the school must receive by email a course cancellation request, an original notification of visa rejection issued by Campus France/French consulate, and the original of the certificate of registration issued by the school by latest 2 weeks before the starting date. When registration is cancelled in time as mentioned above and the original of Certificate of registration is returned to the school, the deposit will be refunded less administration fee 200€, refund handling fee 85€, registration fee 60€, certificate fee 40€, accommodation handling fee 135€.

– Check the Embassies and Consulates of France worldwide.


Cancellation request must be emailed to the school no later than 2 weeks before the course starting date. Any session started is due in full and, in case of early departure, no refund can be granted regardless of the reason.

A refund will be made only by bank transfer (any bank commissions incurred will be at the charge of the student), by check or by credit card. The delay for refund will be 4-5 weeks. A handling fee of 85 € is charged. Registration fees (60 €), accommodation handling fee (135€) and the certificates for visa applications (40 €) are non-refundable. In case of cancellation decided by the school, the entire tuition fee will be refunded. See FAQ


For any course date change, students must inform the school by sending a minimum 2-week written notice before the course starts. In case of short notice, no request for course date change is accepted and the entire course fee is due. A 30 euros fee is charged from the 2nd request for course date change.

Students must complete all reserved courses within 2 months from the original end date. After this date, unused courses are no longer valid.


No refund or replacement lessons will be made if students begin the course late or miss lessons for any reason during the course. However, a replacement lesson will be proposed if the school’s administration office receives a minimum 2-week absence notice.

In case of absence due to a serious illness or hospitalization for more than 5 days, students need to inform the school immediately and send a medical certificate within 2 days.


We apply the following COVID safety measures and school policy (following the government policy):
◾ Students feeling ill must take a COVID test before attending class.
◾ Students who test COVID positive must immediately send proof to the school to keep a credit for the missed lesson.
◾ Students who had critical contact with COVID positive case must take a test and send the result to the school before attending class
◾ When the school decides to convert an onsite class into an online one due to COVID, all group students must attend it, except those who informed the school at the time of registration that they would not be available for online courses.


To ensure pedagogical continuity, the school might decide to switch an onsite class to an online one due to public transportation issues. Then, all group students must attend it, except those who informed the school at the time of registration that they would not be available for online courses. There is no replacement nor refund for missed lessons due to public transportation issues.


To avoid disturbing class, students who arrive over 15 minutes late will have to wait until break time to join their class, whether at school or on-line.


If you wish to reserve accommodation, a handling fee is charged at the time of reservation. The accommodation price will be fixed in the confirmation letter which the school sends you within 3 working days. Please note that accommodation price must be paid by bank transfer within 1 week after you receive a accommodation confirmation.

In case of cancellation/date changes of accommodation confirmed by the school, LUTECE LANGUE charges a handling fee of 30€. Note that cancellation policy varies depending on the type of stay:

Home Stay:

  • – Less than 1 week before the start of the stay: 70 % of the stay fee is retained.
  • – Between 1 and 3 weeks before the start of the stay: 50 % of the stay fee is retained.
  • – Between 3 and 4 weeks before the start of the stay: 20 % of the stay fee is retained. .


  • – More than 1 month before the arrival35% of the stay fee is charged.
  • – Less than 1 month before the arrivalthe total stay fee is charged


LUTECE LANGUE declines all responsibility for thefts of belongings, damages, losses, accidents or sickness during the student’s stay in France. All students are strongly recommended to be covered by personal insurance which covers civil liability, sickness, and accidents.


LUTECE LANGUE strives to improve its services. Its administrative and educational team as well as the Directorate are at your disposal at any time, without an appointment, in case of problems or questions. Do not hesitate to contact us

PRONÉO CERTIFICATION evaluated the training activity of Lutèce Langue (declaration of activity registered under number 11752817875) and attests to its compliance with the “Training Organisation – Certified Quality” standard, N° COF190022 Certificate, recognized by the CNEFOP. The certification of PRONÉO CERTIFICATION meets the requirements of the decree number 2015-790 of 30 June 2015 relating to the quality of the actions of the continuing vocational training. The PRONEO CERTIFICATION delivered to LUTECE LANGUE is valide from 29 January 2019 to 28 January 2022.

You have the possibility to contact PRONÉO CERTIFICATION in case of complaints: 8 rue Octave Feuillet 75116 PARIS, Tel: 01 76 50 44 22


Students must follow the school’s Internal Rules and in case of breach are subject to the applicable sanctions as per the Internal Rules.

Have any questions? Check FAQ