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Online French Courses


Discover our Online French courses of proven teaching quality, given by our qualified and skilled native French teachers in small groups (3-8 students). For 24 years, whether Onsite in our school in Paris or Online, we have committed to provide practical, student-oriented French courses. The renewal rate of our students in 2019: 61%

From our experience, the teacher’s personalised attention and the student’s active participation and interactions in small classes are the key elements of progress in language learning. Online French courses aim to develop the student’s oral communication skills based on good grammatical understanding.

Our online French courses are intended for students who are adults (18+).

Improve your French at home or office. Try our interactive Online French courses in small groups TODAY!

ONLINE French Group Lessons

If you want to have a learning experience similar to the one you would have at a school, try our small-group online French lessons (3-8 students) and have fun with your classmates!

Advantages online french lessons

Choose 100% personalised, flexible online French lessons with our qualified and skilled French teachers, and focus on the skills you need to improve. Possible for general and specialised French.

Online French Learning Platform

The E-learning platform is ideal for preparing yourself for TCF, DELF/DALF. The platform also helps you consolidate your grammar bases and improve your conjugation and spelling. It’s the perfect tool for our online French courses!


=Recommended Formula= Progress faster in French by combining E-learning Platform preparation with one of our Online Mini-groups or Private face-to-face French lessons!

Our online French courses are for everyone: if you live far from our school, don’t have much time or simply feel more comfortable studying from home, these courses are for you.

There are numerous benefits to learning a new language, including:

– It enhances your memory
– It helps you multitask more effectively
– It promotes cultural appreciation and improves your communication skills, including in your mother tongue.
– It fosters creativity
– It expands the size of your brain
– And many more!

Learning a new language, whether for fun or to improve our job skills, doesn’t have to be a difficult or boring task. We make it easy for you with our online French courses, so if you were waiting for the right time to learn this wonderful language, this is it!