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Try French Workshops – Learn French differently and efficiently

Personalize your French program with WORKSHOPS to make a maximum result! LUTECE LANGUE French Language School offers following thematic WORKSHOPS in small groups of up to 3-8 students. Thematic WORKSHOPS are an “optional” course which you can take with or without our main General French courses such as INTENSIVE and STANDARD.

  • * Conversation (min. A2 required)
  • * Writing & grammar
  • * Pronunciation
  • * Out loud reading
  • * Paris walk & talk (in summer)

Our school staff are available to discuss your needs and objectives. Together, we can choose a program that is most suited to you.

Objectives of Our Thematic French Workshops in Paris

Unlike the main General French courses which aim to improve 4 linguistic skills in French (speaking, listening, writing, reading), FRENCH WORKSHOPS are to tackle your weak points in French. For example, combining INTENSIVE/STANDARD courses and WORKSHOPS will help you develop the overall level in French and reinforce specific skills you need at the same time

  • – Gain confidence and better oral expression skill (Conversation)
  • – Strengthen writing skill and at the same time you learn French grammar (Writing & Grammar)
  • – Prepare for the writing test in DELF, TCF and learn how to write French (Writing & Grammar)
  • – Improve pronunciation and intonation for better communication (Pronunciation)
  • – Learn to read French texts loud and work on intonation, silent letters, liaisons, etc. (Out loud reading)
  • – Enjoy learning to speak French while walking around in Paris (Paris walk & talk)

PROGRAM OF THEMATIC WORKSHOPS: Monday through Friday, 13:15-14:45

You can choose 1 workshop per day, up to 5 workshops per week depending on your needs. The example of a French workshop program is as below. Please note the availability of workshops is subject to the number of participants (3-8 students/workshop)

MONDAY:         Conversation (min. A2 level required)
TUESDAY:       Writing & Grammar
WEDNESDAY:    Writing & Grammar
THURSDAY:      Conversation (min. A2 level required)
FRIDAY:            Pronunciation

    • * French workshops are NOT suitable for COMPLETE BEGINNERS.
    • * The day of a workshop can be modified. Please ask for the definite schedule for the week each Monday.

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