Progress your career with our French course for Professionals in Paris

Are you looking for a French course for professionals in Paris, eligible for CPF, company and public-funded professional training?

We provide general & specialised French language courses for professionals and corporates eligible for CPF, Pôle Emploi, OPCO language training.

Would you like to efficiently improve your French communication skills in small groups for professional and personal purposes?

Enjoy learning French in Paris and online with our qualified teachers in a small class setting (2-7 students). Then, gain confidence in French communication!

Follow our Professional French courses with qualified FLE teachers, in Paris and online

French courses for professionals

Our French courses for professionals are designed for any adult who wants to learn French. You might need to use French because of your job or your studies. Our French courses will not only improve your language skills, but you will also get the chance to learn specialized French vocabulary.

French for professional and academic purposes will help you to develop the basis of “general” and “specialized” French.

Before you choose one of our professional French courses, study your needs in French. Then look at your job and academic requirements. This will help you to pick the course that’s right for you. For more information and assistance, please contact us by email or phone us at +33 1 73 70 17 69.

Presentation of the French courses for professionals in Paris

EMPLOYEE CPF French courses

Mobilise your CPF (Compte Personel de Formation) to take a certifying French training and upgrade your French communication skills.

CORPORATE Business French training

Facilitate your non-French-speaking colleagues to get integrated within the company and French society through business French training PLAN & OPCO.

POLE EMPLOI French for job seekers

Boost your communication skills in French through CSP & AIF training by POLE EMPLOI and get a better chance of finding an employment in France.

INDIVIDUAL French for Professionals

Be more confident in French communication in daily life and at work by taking general & specialised French courses in mini-groups (max. 7 students) after work.

French Language Courses