Student reviews

Reviews by our french language students at Lutece Langue.

Our Lutece Langue students share their experiences and reviews in our French language courses in France.

Take a look at their comments and see how to learn French!

My name is Georgios Kavvouris and I am an eye doctor from Greece. For work purposes, I took a French course at the language school LUTECE LANGUE Paris. I am very satisfied with the execution of the course.


I’m Harriet, I’m a doctor from England who lives in Paris. I work with the refugees on the streets here. I want to improve my french for my work and also for myself. I would prefer to go to the classes at the Lutece School of course to explore Paris more and to be immersed in French culture but as this is not possible at the moment I find the online classes really good! It’s really easy and we have fun in our little group. I am learning lots of french and can feel myself improving ?


Hi, my name is Cameron from New Zealand. I’ve been coming to Lutece Langue for 6 months now, and was a complete beginner when I started. I now feel confident to speak in French and, while the learning never ends, I am now able to confidently converse with other Parisians in French. All this was possible thanks to Lutece Langue – because the classes are small and the teachers so engaging, one can improve very quickly. It feels as though the teachers know the individual needs of each student and work collectively to help them achieve their goals. Since the period of confinement, I have continued my lessons online. The zoom lessons have been brilliant and despite my initial reservations, I feel I am still continuing to learn at the same rate as before.


Hello my name is Rachel McCarthy and I am an American originally from California and now living in Paris, working as a wedding and portrait photographer. I chose Lutece Langue because of the wonderful reviews and I also liked the fact that the classes are small so that we all get time to practice our oral skills. I have been taking classes online for 4 weeks so far and it has been great. I decided to continue my french lessons online due to the confinement and also because I think its important to practice and build on the skills that I have already learned at Lutece. During the class, we get to practice oral skills and roll play which I think is really beneficial to my confidence. I also find the class fun and enjoyable !


I studied at LUTECE LANGUE for 2 months, when I started the course, I was in doubt about my ability in French – I needed more controlled practice to grasp things faster. I had learned a lot at the school thanks to your wonderful, natural and dynamic teacher Marie. She has a natural ability to teach and is “very” concerned for her students’ well being – 100%! Bravo.

Kristine Richardson

I come to Paris to study French for 2 weeks. I chose LUTECE LANGUE because it’s near the metro and so it’s very easy to reach.

I took three hours of lesson every day and I progressed quite rapidly. I think that the teachers did a very good job and the lessons were and enjoyable.

Jaqueline Sarrek

No more searching for the right French language. This school offers me the winning combination of flexible schedule, low rates, and excellent teachers – in small classes and intimate environment.
Whether I am in Paris for a week or two months, I can sign up for specific classes that focus on my individual needs.

Talia Carner

I took private lessons at LUTECE LANGUE and really enjoyed working with my teacher Nicolas. We covered a lot of grammar in 2 weeks and he was very patient with me. The school is in an excellent location, the entire staff is very friendly and supportive. I learn French a lot!

Michael Eppel

At first, I was so nervous if I could follow the French lessons.
However, I really enjoyed my French class and 2 weeks have passed very quickly. I appreciated my teacher who was very patient and explained to me until I could understand. My classmates had all the characters and it was fun. The school’s director is Japanese, which was assuring to me. I am looking forward to visiting Paris again – very soon.

Shiho Tanimoto

Among a number of French language schools in Paris, I’ve chosen LUTECE LANGUE because of their small class size (3-8 students per class) and their teaching policy which is focusing on learners. And I was right to choose LUTECE. The quality of classes and teaching staff was excellent. Unfortunately, I could study French for only 2 weeks at the school. I will keep on learning French in my country and come back again to LUTECE LANGUE  next time in Paris.

Yuji Uchiyama

I took French courses at LUTECE for the second time. The teachers were well prepared, friendly and very helpful. The school is located at a very central and good area in Paris. The various offers of courses were very convenient.
Thanks to the French Language course I was able to pass all my exams. I don’t doubt why all the reviews about them are excellent! I would like to come back again to LUTECE LANGUE – as soon as possible!

Claudia Spring

Taking classes at Lutece Langue really helped my French improve! The class sizes are small so you can really participate in class. Besides, you have the opportunity to take the highly valued Skype classes.
The students there really want to learn so it is a great environment, and an added plus is the school’s central location in Paris. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to learn or improve their French!

Sara DePasquale

I started with Alliance Francaise in Seattle, but in Paris their programs are very rigid. As I am a systemic rather than sequential learner the small class size and ability to customize my curriculum with workshops has really been the difference I needed.

Karl Schulmeisters

Una scuola carina e accogliente che va incontro alle esigenze di chi si è iscritto e dove si lavora con piacere e serenità…
…e poi siamo in centro vicini a tutto! Ben collegati, si sta troppo bene!

Lilia Guida

L’école Lutèce has been quite a revelation. After decades away from an organized learning environment there was a sense of trepidation when I embarked on this course, however in Candy (our teacher) I have found a very capable teacher who makes learning French fun and enjoyable.

Candy’s approach is very personal and inclusive, so even though the classes can be transient with a constant flow of intakes there is never a sense of disruption in once own personal growth and achievements.
J’adore Lutèce!

Hoxton Loft

Speaking neither English nor French, I was quite nervous to go to France and attend a French language school in Paris. But actually, I said to myself many times that I was really lucky to choose LUTECE LANGUE. Class size is small and the teacher knows the level of each student and pays attention to each of us. Lessons are very practical and well explained.

I meet many people from various countries and learn a lot of things other than French. I understand why there are many students coming back to LUTECE LANGUE. Me too, I would love to return to LUTECE next time in Paris!

Emiri Funaki

I have attended a wide range of French courses run by various organizations over the years. Nearly all of them were good and helped to improve my French in various ways. I have no doubt, however, that the courses provided by LUTECE LANGUE were by far the best.

There are a number of reasons why I have found LUTECE LANGUE to be significantly ahead of others in my experience.
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Paul Cassidy

Great school for learning French in Paris! It’s in the very center of Paris, and it’s small classes means you get lots of practice.
If you want to see reviews about the escuela de francés Lutece, here’s mine.
My class normally had only 4-6 students.
The teachers are very good, and super friendly.
Candy especially made the classes fun, she was very enthusiastic and even took us out on trips around Paris!
I highly recommend this school.

Heather Kaniuk

I went to Paris for the month of May 2013 and took French classes at Ecole Lutece Langue and had a really great experience.

The class sizes are very small (only 2-6 people), which makes it a lot easier to participate, and a lot easier to get to know other students in the class.

Everyone is very welcoming and all of the teachers are very concerned about the progress of their students.
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Kerry Anne Wilson

Here at LUTECE LANGUE in Paris, the school adopts the very small class system. I feel lucky to be able to study with only 2-4 students in this language school, with teachers paying personalized attention to each student.  Learning from several teachers are beneficial as I can learn different expressions.
My French is not yet good enough to judge teaching, and I’ve been trying to absorb maximum things from different teachers (male, female, speed, ideas) I love that there are free coffee and tea service at the school.
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Akiko Ito

I would like to live in Paris and, for this reason, I need to speak French. LUTECE LANGUE was interesting because, compared to other French-language schools in Paris, it offered small classes and intensive course. I enjoyed my class a lot. It is always stressful for me when learning something new but the teachers were professional with great knowledge: they were patient and willing to explain something multiple times if needed. Classes were interactive and well managed. We really used the whole lessons for learning (listening radio, reading, talking, writing..) and it was just a great experience.

I was a complete beginner at first but my French has quite improved in 10 weeks. I can meet French friends and talk with them! For sure, there are still lots of things to be learned in the future. I’m very happy with the progress that I have made so far.

Jana Holcekova