Review by Kerry Anne Wilson at Lutece Langue

Here’s the review by Kerry Anne Wilson

I went to Paris for the month of May 2013 and took French classes at Ecole Lutece Langue and had a really great experience.
The class sizes are very small (only 2-6 people), which makes it a lot easier to participate, and a lot easier to get to know other students in the class.
Everyone is very welcoming and all of the teachers are very concerned about the progress of their students.

The prices are reasonable and you definitely get your money’s worth. I also took a few private lessons where I worked one on one with a teacher and we focused on things that I needed to work on specifically and I found it was really beneficial.
They also offer speaking and grammar workshops in the afternoons, which I found really helpful. On Fridays, the speaking workshop is a walking tour on the streets in Paris which is great because you get to experience some less touristy areas of Paris while also practicing your French in a real word setting.
Overall I had a wonderful experience at Ecole Lutece Langue and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to either start learning the French language or improve on what they already know. They have classes for all levels!

Kerry Anne Wilson

Review by Kerry Anne Wilson