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We don’t believe that language learning is just about studying grammar notions and vocabulary. We do believe, however, that the goal of language learning is to better “communicate” and that grammar and vocabulary are vital TOOLS for communication. Learn French in Paris with LUTECE LANGUE, focusing on ORAL COMMUNICATION skills in small groups of 2-7 students!

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French courses in small groups of 2-7 students

LUTECE LANGUE is a French language school in Paris established for 24 years. We offer a wide range of French language courses of all levels, for professional and personal use. Our aim is to provide a personalized teaching and we do this by keeping our classes small. Course renewal rate of our students in 2019: 61%.

Join our French classes any week throughout year (except total beginners), from 1 week to 1 year !

#1: Returning students confirm the quality of our French courses

When you search for a French language school online, it’s hard to determine the quality of the courses on offer. Here at Lutece Langue, we have been providing high-quality French language courses since 1997. Many of our students renew their course and return to us to further their studies and develop their French language skills.

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Learn French in Paris, France | Returning Students
Lutece Langue - Learn French in Paris - Personalized attention

#2: Personalized attention and teaching for every student in Small Groups of 2-7 students

It is difficult to learn a language in a large class. To avoid this problem, we limit our class size. Each student receives a personalized teaching plan and can play an active role in classes.

#3: Student-oriented teaching approach

In a large school, a student can get lost in the crowd. Teachers find it hard in a large class to provide the necessary individual instruction and help. We run a small French language school and as a result, we can treat every student like a family member. Our teachers not only provide each student with personalized education, but they also get to know each student individually so that they can easily monitor their progress.

Lutece Langue, Student oriented Teaching approach
Lutece Langue - Learn French in Paris - Flexibility in class curriculum

#4: Flexibility in-class curriculum

In many schools, teachers are bound by the curriculum set by the school board. Teachers that lack flexibility also struggles to personalize the course to meet students’ needs. Students should not have to adapt to their teachers. It should be the other way round. LUTECE LANGUE teachers are able to choose the teaching materials that meet their students’ needs and requirements.

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