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Earn money easily by reselling Lutece French courses with our Affiliate Program. Just publish links to on your site(s), and we’ll pay you a commission on every sale referred by you!

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a revenue share agreement by which a website (“affiliate”, you) resells products and services for another company (“merchant”, Lutece). It is an easy way to make money with your website that can give you an interesting source of passive income. All you have to do is place one or more links to on your website and you will receive a commission for any sale referred through them.

How are the sales tracked?

We use cookie-based technology to track the sales that are referred by your site. A cookie is a small text file that our system can read that is stored on the user’s computer or web browser. Almost all computers connected to the Internet have their cookies enabled. Each affiliate has a unique tracking ID code so that when visitors click on a link from your website, our system puts a cookie in their computer with your affiliate code.

This is an internal code only, you don’t have to worry about how your links are formed since they point to That’s because Lutece’s affiliate program works with a novel method called “Direct Link Tracking” or “Referrer Tracking” which allows the system to identify visitors from affiliated sites through direct links from any of their pages. Other affiliate programs use variables in their links to identify visitors (e.g. ?affiliateid=123), and if the links are badly formed, your sales won’t be tracked.

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Note: The Direct Link Tracking method only works for links from your website to, and must comply with some simple rules, that our team will explain you after you registered. For links from social networks or advertising campaigns, it is necessary to include your affiliate code on the link. We’ll help you to set up everything!

The cookies are stored on the potential client’s computer for 365 days, meaning that if they request information from us within this time frame, we will associate the request to your affiliate account. This is called a “lead” or “referral”. They can close their browser and return up to one year later, no matter if they come from your site or not. When they start the application process, they will be labeled with your ID.

If the client ends up buying a course on our shop, the commission will be added to your account after students’ courses have ended and were fully paid.

Affiliates Control Panel

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We provide our affiliates with a password-protected control panel which includes information such as clicks, referral leads, and sales. In this control panel, you’ll also edit your personal information, gather promotional materials, and get in touch with our affiliate management team.


The commissions you’ll receive depend on the course type selected by the clients. The current commissions you can make with our courses start at 5% on sales you refer (applicable only to the course fee of the first booking, accommodation, registration, certificate fees excluded), up to 10%.

How to enroll

Just fill in the form below. Our team will validate your account and contact you to assist you in everything you need to get our Affiliate Program up and running quickly!

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