French for job seekers – Pôle Emploi training in mini-groups 3-8

Pôle Emploi training

Over 20 years, LUTECE LANGUE has provided French language training in mini-groups (3-8 students) to non-Francophone professionals. Certified QUALIOPI, we also do Pôle Emploi training and provide CSP and AIF training to job seekers.

Good communication skill in French is advantageous to finding a job and handling various administrative documents. Employers often demand a good command of French writing, in addition to fluency in spoken French. If you look to evolve your career in France, investing in your French language skills will always pay.

Each job seeker has different working and living experience in France, French studies background, needs, difficulties, and objectives. We assume it is our role to find and propose the program most adapted to each person and then keep following each student’s progress during their training. We realise these tasks by following the “Protocol of personalisation” detailed below.

Protocol of Personalisation – Our engagement for QUALITY teaching

1. Initial contact

The school staff and the prospective student (the prospect) get into communication and exchange information: the prospect’s situation with Pôle Emploi training, requirements in terms of CIF/AIF training, self-estimated French level, needs and difficulties in French, the objective of French language training, etc.

2. Audit – French language skills assessment


The prospect takes writing and oral placement tests at school. Our headteacher analyses the prospect’s 4 linguistic competencies:

  • ✔️ Oral production
  • ✔️ Oral comprehension
  • ✔️ Written production
  • ✔️ Written comprehension

At the end of the initial audit, the headteacher evaluates the prospect’s competencies based on the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

INTERVIEW WITH THE HEADTEACHER: The headteacher analyses the prospect’s training objective and needs in Pôle Emploi training / in daily life and then proposes the program most adapted to their profile.

PRELIMINARY QUESTIONNAIRE: The prospect is requested to submit a questionnaire in which they detail the information such as duration of French study, self-estimated French levels (4 competencies), needs in French at work/in daily life, problems related to French communication, the objective of training, requests for French lessons.

3. Proposition

With all the information collected during the audit, we propose the most adapted French course to the prospect and send them a quote and a course program via Pôle Emploi’s platform KAIROS.

4. Pôle Emploi Training & On-going evaluation

We encourage the student to participate actively in class, which is indispensable to improving speaking skills. Thus, the teacher can monitor the student’s oral production and comprehension levels on an ongoing basis. A weekly written test is given on Friday to check each student’s grammar and writing levels. When a student progresses faster than the other classmates or has difficulty following lessons, we might change their group to encourage further progress at an upper level or facilitate reinforcing weak points at a lower level.

In parallel to the Intensive course in mini-groups (3-8 students), the Pôle Emploi student needs to work regularly on platform e-learning. The self-studies are very important to gain a solid grammar base in French, essential to both oral and written French communication. A thematic workshop (conversation, writing, pronunciation, preparation exams) is also a part of the training program.

In a small class setting, the teacher can pay personal attention to each student and talk whenever students have a problem in class. The headteacher is committed to ensuring the best placement of each student and the tight coordination of the teaching staff.

5. Certification – Passage to the exam

At the end of CSP/AIF French course, the student must take an official exam to certify the French levels they achieved at the Pôle Emploi training.

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