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Accommodation in Paris for French immersion is important. Especially if you want to have a successful French language experience, in addition to quality French lessons, you’ll also need comfortable accommodation.

LUTECE LANGUE has carefully selected different types of quality accommodation in Paris . We can arrange one of them for you upon request. We also offer you personalized services in case you need support during your stay in Paris.

Our French language school is located in the very center of Paris. All the accommodation in Paris is accessible within 30 minutes by bus, metro or on foot. You can arrive and leave any day you like. Accommodation options include:

  •   French family in Paris
  •   International Residence hall


                                                                           (Note: Accommodation arrangement fee of 135 € )

Accommodation in Paris

                              Accomodation in Paris for French Immersion


This is the best option for accommodation in Paris for immersion. Spend time in a French environment and practice French conversation during your stay in France! Learning French is not limited to the school lessons.

Staying with a French family gives you a great opportunity to experience interactive, real-life communication in French. You will learn to understand French people and their culture. Note that dinner is the most important meal for the French and the best chance to speak with natives.


Staying in Paris
Accommodation in Paris options:
  • Single room + breakfast = from 40€/ night
  • Single room + breakfast + 5 dinners = 50-56€/ night



Another accommodation in Paris option is the International Residence Hall. It is a good option if you prefer independence and the opportunity to meet others. For short stays only, rooms are available in residence halls located in Paris 12th (Porte de Vincennes) and 13th (Porte d’Italie). Lunch and dinner are available at the cafeteria. Linens and towels are supplied.

Single room (with shower) plus Breakfast (contact us for the price) BOOK NOW

Live in Paris


1. I am thinking of coming to Paris with my family. Can you arrange a family stay for us?
Yes. We have several host families where your family can stay together.

2. I want to stay with a French family located within walking distance from the school. Is it possible?
LUTECE LANGUE is situated in the very center of Paris, which is touristic and commercial and not very residential. All of our host families are located in residential areas, within 30 min. from the school. If you need an accommodation very close to the school, a hotel could be a good option.

3. Do I need to arrive at my host family on Saturday or Sunday? Should I go to the school at first and then to the family?
You can choose the arrival date of your accommodation in Paris. The school will inform the host family of your flight information so that there is someone waiting for you on your arrival at the residence. When you arrive in Paris, you can directly go to your accommodation.