Accommodation Arrangement Fee


Accommodations for all those who want to come and study French in Paris. We have selected different types of quality accommodation. All accommodations are within a half-hour of the center (bus, subway, or walking). The price of the accommodation varies according to the type and the family or residence was chosen. The total cost of the accommodation will be paid directly to the family or residence after it is confirmed. Lutece Langue only charges a fee for arranging the accommodation of your choice. There are two types of accommodations:

Homestay in French Family
: Total immersion in Paris in a totally French environment and being able to practice French conversation.

Single room + breakfast = 35€ per night
Single room + breakfast + dinner = 42-48€/ night
Double room + breakfast + dinner = 35-45€ (per person)/ night

Residence Halls: Another accommodation possibility for those who wish to live a great experience in France is the International Residence Hall.

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