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Why Private Online French Lessons with Lutece Langue Paris?

To progress efficiently in your French learning, it is essential to study with a qualified and skilled native French teacher specialised in teaching FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) on regular basis. For 24 years, we provide our students with an ideal learning experience and we encourage their progress, whether at our school in Paris or online.

  • PROUVEN TEACHING QUALITY Onsite or Online, the teaching of our experienced French teachers are highly appreciated by the students. The renewal rate of our students in 2019: 61%
  • INTERACTIVE & EFFICIENT French lessons via ZOOM, just like private lessons at the school
  • 100% PERSONALISED Focus only on the skills you need to improve: speaking, writing, pronunciation, grammar, preparation exams, etc.
  • FLEXIBLE available from Monday to Saturday 9h-21h French time

Try our 100% tailor-made online private French lessons with our qualified skilled French teacher

All our private Online French classes are 100% tailor-made one-to-one lessons, focusing on your needs. They are perfectly adapted to your French level. Through the initial audit, we analyze your current French levels (oral and written production, oral and written comprehension) as well as your learning objective. Your teacher will constantly monitor your progress and give you advice so that you can achieve your learning objectives.

Online PRIVATE Lessons – General French  BOOK NOW

  • Conversation: improve oral expression skill through discussion on various topics of your interest, roll playing in real-life situations.
  • Grammar: Get an in-depth understanding of grammar and practice. Speak using your grammar knowledge in real conversations. You can choose a specific grammar form to practice. For example, past tense, future tense, conditional for polite form or conditional for hypotheses, the subjunctive, etc.
  • Writing expression: practice writing emails and letters in French, using appropriate language register (formal, informal), verb tenses, grammar rules, syntax, etc. Learn useful expressions in writing. Practice makes perfect!
  • Preparation exams, TCF, DELF/DALF: With the aid of your teacher, analyze your current level and set goals and study plans to succeed in the exam.
  • Pronunciation: improve your pronunciation and intonation will help you communicate better
  • Online SEMI-PRIVATE Lessons – General French BOOK NOW

  • Tailor made French lessons for 2 students just like private lessons
  • 2 students need to have the same French level and register together.
  • Duration : from 1h/lesson (1,5h/lesson recommended)
  • Nomber of lessons: your choice
  • Online PRIVATE Lessons – Specialised French BOOK NOW

  • Ideal to learn specialized vocabulary and expressions in French for your work and studie
  • French for business, tourism, law, fashion, cooking, etc.
  • Duration : min. 1,5h/lesson
  • Contact us for more details
  • ONLINE French Group Lessons

    Would you like to learn French effectively, with a highly qualified native French teacher and in a small group? Our Online French Group Lessons are for you!

    Online French Learning Platform

    Now, our students have the chance to enroll in our new TCF, DELF/DALF Exam Preparation Course on an Online Platform!


    Blended learning means using both “Face-to-face or Online courses” and “Online platform”. The advantages of learning French with Blended course are several