Progress in French from your home or office

Would you like to learn French effectively, with qualified native FLE teacher in a small group ?

The teacher’s personal attention to each student in a small class is a key element of quality teaching. Try the most similar experience for what it would be learning onsite!

Would you like to follow quality Online French Group classes at your own pace?

Wherever you are, enjoy interactions with your online classmates and improve your French conversation skill naturally in a small groups of up to up to 7 students.

Follow our Online French course with professional FLE teachers wherever you are, whenever you like!

1. STANDARD 7.5h (1.5h x 5 days)

Our most popular online program. In a small group of 2 to 7 people, improve your conversation skill as well as your grammar. Available from 2 weeks. Placement by level, 9h-10h30, 10h45-12h15, 14h-15h30, 16h-17h30 French time (subject to change)


2. STANDARD Plus = Effective Formula =
STANDARD 7.5h + Private lesson 2h per week

In addition to Mini-group lessons, add 2h PRIVATE General French lessons (or upon request 4 Conversation WORKSHOPS ex.conversation, grammar review, writing, pronunciation)


3. STANDARD Premium = Full Formula =
STANDARD 7.5h + Private 1h + Platform

Accelerate your progress with BLENDED learning. Progres faster and efficiently by combining face-to-face lessons with teacher and E-learning self-studies (possible to choose 2 workshops instead of private). Improve your speaking in mini-group & private lessons, consolidate your writing with the platform.


4. SUPER INTENSIVE 30h = Full Formula =
INTENSIVE 15h + Workshop 3h + Private lessons 4h + Evening class 3h + Platform

Boost your French very intensively, during a limited time. Our SUPER INTENSIVE 30h course is available from min. A2 level, eligible for BILDUNGSURLAUB program for German professional students. Registration from 1 week.


Super intensive course online


EXTENSIVE courses are ideal for busy professional students. Improve both your overall level of General French.

  • EXTENSIVE Evening 3h (1,5h x 2 days) BOOK NOW
  • EXTENSIVE Saturday 3h (3h x 1 day) BOOK NOW
  • Improve both of you Oral & Writing skills to better communicate in your job.

  • EXTENSIVE Evening 5h (2,5h x 2 days) BOOK NOW
  • 6. Conversation Workshop

    Enjoy chatting in French, Improve naturally your French with our skilled FLE teacher. From A2 level, 1,5h/lesson.


    Advantages online french lessons

    Choose 100% personalised, flexible French lessons with our qualified FLE teachers, and focus on the skills you need to improve. Possible for general and specialised French.

    Online French Learning Platform

    The E-learning platform is ideal for preparing yourself for TCF, DELF/DALF. The platform also helps you consolidate your grammar bases and improve your conjugation and spelling.


    =Recommended Formula= Progress faster in French by combining E-learning Platform preparation with one of our Online Mini-group or Private face-to-face French lessons!