Private French Lessons in Paris – Learn French with tailor-made language courses

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PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS are ideal if you want to progress quickly, or you need to learn specialized French for work or study. We also recommend PRIVATE French lessons if you need to improve a particular skill in General French: conversation, writing, grammar. One-to-one lessons mean you have your teacher’s undivided attention and you can work at your own pace.

Private lessons are adapted to focus on your own needs and difficulties. You can decide frequency and duration of lessons at your convenience. The school staff is at your service to discuss your specific needs for French language training.

Tailor-made like private lessons, SEMI-PRIVATE French lessons are also available if you are two. 2 students at the same level, having the same objectives, have to register together in order to take Semi-Private lessons.

Private French Lessons in Paris

OBJECTIVE of our Private French Lessons

Our private French lessons will help you to develop technical vocabularies and expressions necessary to your professional specialization. You will also be able to reinforce your weak-points in general French in face-to-face lessons.

Private French lessons are flexible and personalized. To achieve maximum progress, we evaluate your French level, analyze your needs, and set the objectives of training with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can create French language training adapted to your situation.

Private French lessons, as well as Semi-Private lessons (if you are 2 students of the same French level, registering together), take place in the afternoon, at our school located in the center of Paris. To optimize your professional French language training, we advise combining Private lessons and INTENSIVE/STANDARD/EXTENSIVE general French lessons.

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