Review by Akiko Ito at Lutece Langue

Here is the review by Akiko Ito:

Here at LUTECE LANGUE in Paris, the school adopts the very small class system. I feel lucky to be able to study with only 2-4 students in this language school, with teachers paying personalized attention to each student. Learning from several teachers are beneficial as I can learn different expressions. I’m a beginner, so my French is not yet good enough to judge teaching, and I’ve been trying to absorb maximum things from different teachers (male, female, speed, ideas) I love that there are free coffee and tea service at the school. I know that LUTECE LANGUE is very well located even though I ‘m not yet familiar with Paris.

As a teacher at a fashion school in Japan, I instinctually feel that Olivier is an excellent teacher. Marie is a dynamic teacher and her handwriting is easy to understand. I imagine that French friends, if I have some, one day, will talk in the way she does with the vocabularies she uses. During class, someone asked “what’s the most important thing to a teacher?” and Marie answered “passion !”. I felt LUTECE was a good school with such a teacher though she seemed as young as my students in Japan. Christine is more adult and calm, very skilled in teaching, and I feel just assured when she is there. Looking at all these teachers, I can say that this French language school has a great teaching team. With the director and Françoise, the assistant woman, I haven’t yet spent as much time as with my teachers, but they are friendly and often talk to me, which is assuring to me. Once, I was in charge of a class of Chinese students at fashion school in Japan. I feel grateful to have an opportunity to reflect myself in this city of Paris.

Akiko Ito

review by akiko ito