Preparing for DELF and DALF

Preparing for DELF and DALF


Seek the best way to succeed

When it comes time to prove your abilities in French, you can claim to be fluent and even demonstrate impressive abilities with the language. But most French universities, business schools, specialized professional schools (music, culinary, fashion, etc.) , and some employers will not trust your ability until you pass a French language exam. The most popular are the DELF and the DALF, which the Ministry of Education administers throughout the year to verify the competence of foreign learners of French.

Prepare your exams in a French school

What is the best way of preparing for French exams such as these ? Which can determine so much about your future path in life ? Rather than buy a paperback guide to steer your preparation, why not sit down with a professional teacher ? Or go online to take a course and have personal interaction with a certified professional ?

Certainly there is some benefit to the many DELF and DALF guides on the market. Burning the midnight oil while taking practice questions in such books or online has some value. However, you will see much quicker progress when you work with a professional teacher. Indeed, he is experienced in helping students in preparing for French exams. A teacher will have an excellent familiarity with the content of French exams. Furthermore, he know precisely what areas you will need to improve to do well on these exams.


Optimize your learning with a professionnal French teacher

As you seek to find such a teacher, look for a language school that mentions these exams on their website. If the school does not, then it is highly unlikely that it will have trained teachers on staff who are accustomed to getting foreign learners in proper shape for the exams.

When a language school does acknowledge the need of certain students in preparing for French exams, it often has a specific curriculum to help such students achieve a maximum score, whether that be done through in-class preparation or private french lessons via videoconference.

Through simulated exams, drills designed to prepare the exam-taker for what s/he will face, a solid French language course will set up a foreign student for success on the DELF and DALF. If you know anything about exams in France, they are notoriously difficult. DELF and DALF are no different. Do the best you can to prepare by enrolling in a course through a certified school in France.