Learn French language to study Fashion in France

Learn French language to study Fashion in France

Study fashion in France

For fashion, it has to be Paris

Certain cities make us think of certain specialties: Rome for ruins, Jerusalem for religious sacredness, New York for commerce, and Paris for fashion. Thus, if you want to study a certain topic of interest or a given industry, it makes the most sense to go to the source.

That means that if you want to study fashion, Paris is the place to be. Other parts of France are plenty stylish as well, so the chance to study fashion in France should be taken, no matter what city you are based in.

Learn the specific French fashion with a specialized French language school

Paris is by far the most advantageous for fashion study, however. There are many schools of fashion in Paris, loads of prominent designers are based there and shows of all sorts are done throughout the calendar year. To study fashion in France, it is highly recommended that you spend most, if not all, of your time in the capital.

In addition to your study of fashion in France, be sure to improve your French language skills as well by studying at a reputable school in Paris. This will be important for several reasons:

  • You will have a much easier time getting around in France with some ability to speak French language
  • You will follow what is happening at fashion shows and in fashion school if you have a solid level in the French language
  • You will better understand the context of French high fashion as you gain insight into the culture by learning the language

One approach that many who study fashion in Paris have taken is to arrive early in the country and take several weeks of intensive French language study before enrolling in fashion school. That way, the student has the opportunity to apply immediately what s/he learns as fashion school begins.The best language schools in Paris offer courses that are specifically tailored to different interests, such as fashion. This is a fantastic timesaver, as valuable hours are not spent studying general vocabulary and expressions. Rather, the learning is all done with a view to study fashion in France with the French language as the medium of expression.

For fashion, it has to be Paris. For the French language, Paris is a great choice as well.

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