Follow a methodic progression for learning French fast

Follow a methodic progression for learning French fast

Learning French

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Before learning how to run, learn how to walk!

Many students are often frustrated to not be able to have conversations as much sophisticated as in their mother tongue. Indeed, learning French is a “step by step” process – requiring lots of speaking and writing practices and grammatical exercises to improve the vocabulary and built difficult sentences.

Learning French requires method

Therefore, you better express yourself with simple words and structures at the beginning of your learning in order to master the basics. We build a language like we build one house. If the underpinning is not strong enough, the house will be fragile. Lots of persons don’t respect this principle and end up with communication skills that allow them to be understood but they can hardly build any correct sentence because of many grammatical, syntactic and lexical mistakes. After they get used to communicate that way, it becomes very hard to correct their errors and change their habits. Those students are of course not beginners but have to study beginner grammatical points, which is very frustrating for most of them.

Learn french correctly makes learning faster and better

Learning French requires methodology and efforts. Lutèce Langue school offers Weekly general French courses in Mini-groups of 2/7 students as well as Thematic WORKSHOPS to reinforce the speaking, writing and pronunciation skills. All Lutèce Langue’s teachers are concerned about their students’ progress and their pleasure of learning. Very small class size (maximum 7 students) allows the students to get personal advices from the teacher.

Lutèce langue teachers work in team to help their students the best and follow their progression. If a beginner students wants to study conditional and subjunctive even though he doesn’t know the indicative tenses, his teacher will explain him all the steps he must follow before reaching that point and will give him advices to improve his French learning with method.

Every Monday, our teachers analyze what the students want and need to learn and the program his based on that. We don’t use a particular textbook that the student needs to buy and attend hours of classes to cover it. Lutèce langue teachers have a lot of flexibility and creativity to accompany their students as per their needs and learning rhythm.