Work in France for EU Students

Work in France for EU Students

work in france for EU students

Tips to find work in France

Even though France has earned a well-deserved reputation as being a country that tries hard to protect jobs for its citizens, it is still possible to be from an EU country and secure employment in France. The process of getting a job as an EU citizen in France can begin during your student days, if you have the privilege of studying in France.

In short, it is absolutely possible to find work in France for EU students. More than a few EU students have gone to France to study and become captivated by the culture and lifestyle there. Other EU students not only enjoy the country of France, they meet a special someone with whom they would like to stay near or live with or even marry. These students are highly motivated to find work in France.

Here are some tips to help you in your search for work in France for EU students:

  • Fortunately, an identity card is sufficient to get you started.
  • If, after finishing your studies, you wish to change your status and work full time in France, you will have an advantage over others if you have skills in needy areas, such as medicine, health and technology.
  • Obviously, a great way to work in France for EU students is to begin by doing a student internship. An agreement called a convention de stage defines the work that you will be doing, the training involved and the conditions. These internships can pay 30% of minimum wage if you work longer than 3 months. These internships often lead to job offers. Ask your school about internships that the school offers as it has long-time contacts with certain businesses. Abundant websites also give information on internships.
  • A student might want to do babysitting for extra money. Agencies in France can help you to locate a babysitting job if you don’t have any connections.
  • Other popular part-time positions for work in France for EU students include foreign language teaching, translation, software and videogame testing.

Obviously, for almost all of these positions, you will need a decent command of the French language. To increase your capabilities, enroll in an accredited school and take French courses that can fit into your academic schedule. Your superior ability to speak French will make you far more desirable for hire as you seek to work in France during and after your studies.

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