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Why French immersion courses are the best way to learn French

French is the second most widely spoken language in the world, considering the number of countries in which French is the official language. No less than 33 countries on several continents speak the language of Descartes or Victor Hugo. From France to exotic countries such as Madagascar, as well as others such as Belgium, Rwanda, Canada, Switzerland and Seychelles. And many others in which it is spoken even though it is not an official language. French is everywhere, its romance origins make French a beautiful language with deep historical roots that more and more people want to learn every day.

Surely, there are many of you who have studied French at school and have fallen in love with this hypnotic language. How many times, however, have you thought that if only you could study French in an immersion course?

The advantages of studying a language in a country where it is spoken, in this case French, are endless. The contact with the language is much more direct, not only the classes tend to be customized and with a small number of students, but also you have the opportunity to continue practicing it when out of the classroom. Everything you learn at school you can then put into practice in everyday life. Surely it has also happened to you when learning other languages that sometimes you have learned formulas or expressions that later you have forgotten because you have not had the opportunity to use them.

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In the immersion courses the teachers are aware of this and you learn what you are going to need in your day to day life (which is no small thing) so that you can practice it after class.

And what to say about culture. As the famous Chinese proverb says: “To learn a language is to have one more window from which to observe the world”. When you learn a language in the country where it is spoken you don’t need windows, you are on the street, surrounded by people and surrounded by a new reality and way of seeing the world. Not only that, but it’s proven that the ties to a foreign language are much stronger when you connect with it on a deeper level, and the best way to do this is to discover its culture and traditions.

Bearing in mind that the more contact you have with a language, the faster you learn, it is clear that the effectiveness and speed of learning is another factor to take into account when deciding on an immersion course. The intensity and constant contact with the language make you learn the language much faster, practically without realizing it. In class, when you go shopping, go somewhere to eat or go out with your new friends you will be practicing French, and it will not be an effort but you will discover yourself more and more motivated because each time you will be able to do more tasks using your new language. This has as a result another of the great advantages of studying a language with an immersion course: fun and adventure.

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Did you hear that the older people get, the faster time passes? This is because as people get older they tend to step out less and less of the comfort zone, people settle into their routine and try fewer and fewer new things, so they remember fewer moments and time seems to fly. When people travel, they take risks, they meet new people very different from themselves, they are creating those unforgettable moments. Surely learning French is a lot funnier when new life experiences are created than if you stay at home.

Surely by now you’re already wondering how to learn French in an immersion course. It is important to choose accredited centres, adapted to the needs and student-oriented, which offer quality classes. Some schools like Lutece Langue are recognized by the best institutions that ensure quality classes and the best language learning.

Because nowadays learning a language can be something incredible and sometimes “there is no need for pain to gain”.

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