What are your new year's resolutions for learning French?

What are your new year’s resolutions for learning French?

Learning French

Every year, in January we decide to take up good habits and give up the bad ones…

No matter if you stick to your new resolutions or not, having the intention to change in a good way is a big step! Do you have any new year’s resolutions concerning your French learning yet?

Here are some ideas which may inspire you:

  • I will have a daily routine of reading a small article of my choice and remember 3 words a day which I will try to use in different contexts in order to remember them.
  • I will take up a challenge to use French in a particular situation every week like for example, make an appointment in French at the hairdresser’s, ask for information.
  • I will listen to the radio, the television, songs or a conversation in the metro every day to improve my communication skills.
  • I will write short texts in a diary to improve my writing ability

Keep up the good work in studying French and never forget to enjoy it!