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How to learn French faster

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Welcome once again to our blog! For all French learners who would like to learn faster or those who will start learning French from scratch and could use some tips on how to learn French faster, this post is for you!

The advantages of learning French are endless. Being an international language spoken in the 5 continents and with such a bright future ahead, the figures of French speakers are expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Bear in mind that learning French, as any other language, requires consistency and hard work, the willingness to speak and learn from mistakes. Don’t stress out or give up if you feel stuck in the learning progress, it is a normal phase you’ll undergo when learning any foreign language. Languages take time and need motivated learners who will try and try and eventually, succeed. Keeping in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day, let’s start building!

1. Speak and listen to French

Speaking is one of the key 4 skills required to master a foreign language. It usually happens that students taking a French course in a school who does not follow the communicative approach feel demotivated and do not have enough room for speaking in the classroom. But, one learns to speak by speaking so just jump in!

You can start by visiting a French restaurant, a French wine bar…any place where you know you’ll find French-speaking people. French peoples love eating and a delicious glass of wine, there’s no better place to get close to them!

You can also find a speaking partner or teacher for online classes. It has revolutionized the concept of traditional classroom learning. Whether with a French-speaking friend or by taking private French lessons with a professional teacher, speaking French online will improve your speaking abilities and without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Tips to learn French faster

Finally, you can take an immersion course in a French-speaking country. Our French courses in Paris have largely proven to be the most effective tool in second language learning. If we think about it, the amount of incoming information you can receive in French when you are in your country of origin is much less than the one you can absorb when in a French-speaking country. Travel to a French-speaking country and spend some time learning French in a professional school, making French friends and living new and unforgettable experiences!

2. Read and write in French

Find books adapted to your current French level, there are also many audiobooks available in French! And when you reach a high French level, imagine what will be like to read books by some of the most important writers in the world’s history in their native language!

Read and write in French

In our digital and globalized world, it has become easier to find content on the Internet coming from anywhere in the world. The best we can do is to take advantage of it and find quality content matching our interests: newspapers in French, websites posting interesting educational articles in French, the options are infinite!

As when we were kids, to learn how to write we first have to know how to read. There are many things you can do to improve your writing skills in French, whether starting a diary in which you can record your personal experiences and daily activities, or taking a writing French workshop to reinforce your specific weak points or just chatting with a French-speaking friend!

If you are just a beginner, you can also watch French movies with subtitles, movies are an excellent way for you to practice your listening and reading skills while having the most fun!

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