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What is your current French level according to the CEFRL?

As many students already know, there are four major skills that every second language learner needs to master: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These are the four competencies required to learn a new language fully and efficiently.

Mostly, language schools assess students’ skills and guide their courses using the CEFRL. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) is the common guideline among European countries measuring the achievements and skills of second language learners.

Language proficiency is classified into 6 levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) which fall into the main three categories of understanding, speaking, and writing.

Some students may have lived in France for a while but have never studied French in a formal context, others may have studied French in the past but not developed all competencies equally. Then, how can they know which competencies have they mastered? How do they know what is their current French level?

Post What is your current French level according to the CEFRL?

By looking at the guidelines proposed by the CEFRL we can discover what is our second language level, so for French students wondering what is their current level, you have come to the right place!

Level A1.0:

– Designed for students who have never studied French before or
– who are yet incapable to construct simple sentences.

Level A1:

– Students can recognize and understand familiar words concerning their most immediate and concrete surroundings when spoken clearly and slowly.

– Students are able to use simple sentences about where they live and people they know and interact simply with others when the other speaker is willing to help.

– Students can fill out simple personal data or write a short postcard.

Level A2:

– Students are able to understand frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate personal relevance.
– Students can to read very short and simple texts.
– Students are able to use common sentences and expressions to describe themselves and their background.

– Students can write short and simple notes and messages.

Level B1:

– Students are able to understand the key points of commonly used utterances on familiar matters.
– Students can understand everyday texts.
– Students are able to deal with common situations likely to arise when in a country where the language is spoken.
– Students can give brief explanations and reasons and to talk about their dreams, hopes, and ambitions.
– Students are able to write simple texts on familiar topics or topics the student is personally interested in.

Level B2:

– Students are able to understand and follow long and complex utterances given the topic is familiar to a certain degree. Students are able to understand most TV news and films in standard dialect.

– Students can understand opinion pieces on both concrete and abstract topics.

– Students are able to present clear, detailed descriptions on many subjects related to their field of specialization.

– Students can interact with such a fluency and spontaneity that conversations run smoothly.

Levels C1/C2:

– Students are able to comprehend a wide range of long, demanding texts and recognize implicit meanings.

– Students can participate in any conversation without much effort and use idiomatic expressions and colloquial forms.

– Students are able to use language as they please, whether for academical, professional or personal purposes.

– Students can produce clear and detailed texts on complex matters, using all language cohesive devices.

Article What is your current French level according to the CEFRL?

Each level has a corresponding time of study thought to be the standard amount of hours every student needs to devote to acquire that level. It is important, though, to remember that every student is different and the time a student may need to achieve a level may not correspond to other students.

We hope this self-assessment list helps you settle your ideas on what your current French level is and you take the next step and keep learning French!

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