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Want to study abroad in Paris and learn how to speak French ?  LUTECE LANGUE offers a 3% discount on French course fees when you book our French courses online for the first time.

Whether you are interested in French for beginners classes or advanced workshops, Lutece Langue is here to help.

Please complete and send us the Questionnaire BEFORE submitting your online registration.

Please note that this discount is applied only for INDIVIDUAL, DIRECT BOOKINGS. Registration, accommodation reservation, transfer and certificate fees are not subject to the discount.


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Questions :

1. Why are you looking for a French course? What is your concern?

2. How did you know LUTECE LANGUE? : search engine or reference (web site, friend, former student, guide book, publicity, agent, etc.)

3. Which key words and language did you use for online search?

4. Why are you interested in LUTECE LANGUE?

5. Did you hesitate to sign up for the course at LUTECE LANGUE? If yes, why?

6. Have you already tried E-learning?

7. How do you think about E-learning?
I have already tried.I’ve never tried but think it might be useful as a part of my French study.I want to try.I’m not interested.I have no idea.

8. Do you learn French for a professional purpose (find a job, need French for current job, better communicate in workplace, develop career and business, etc.)?

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