Instructions for Reviewing Lutece Langue

For 18 years, we have worked to provide quality French language instruction to students from all over the world.

As a previous student of Lutece Langue, you are in the unique position to share your experience with other people looking for a French language school in Paris. New students appreciate learning from previous students how the school was, what the courses were like, how the teachers were, etc.

Would you take a moment and submit a few words about Lutece Langue—on either Google or Facebook? It won’t take long and it would be extremely helpful to your favorite French language school.

Here are the review sites that are most important to Lutece Langue and some instructions regarding leaving a review on them. Thank you in advance!







Step 1)  Google requires you to have an activated Gmail account to leave a review on their “Places” pages. It is simple (and free) to signup for a Gmail address. If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, go HERE ( and look for the blue button indicating “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”

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Step 2)  Once you have your Gmail account, go to this page to leave a review ::

Step 3)  Look for the “Write a review” button. Click it to write your review.

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Step 1)  Visit our Page on Facebook ::

Step 2)  Scroll down the Page looking at the LEFT column. In the left column you will see a “REVIEWS” section.  Look for the “Write Review” button and click it.

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