Our students talk about Lutece Langue

Our students share their experience of taking French language courses in France at Lutece Langue. Take a look at their comments and and check how to learn French!

I took private lessons at LUTECE LANGUE and really enjoyed working with my teeacher Nicolas.
We covered a lot of grammar in 2 weeks and he was very patient with me. The school is in an excellent location, the entire staff is very friendly and supportive. I learn French a lot!
Michael EPPEL

I have attended a wide range of French courses run by various organisations over the years. Nearly all of them were good and helped to improve my French in various ways. I have no doubt, however, that the courses provided by LUTECE LANGUE were by far the best.


There are a number of reasons why I have found LUTECE LANGUE to be significantly ahead of others in my experience. The two most important are the size of its classes and the quality of its teaching. I have now attended LUTECE LANGUE courses in five different years and the average size of the class has been about 6 people. This allows for maximum involvement and maximum interaction among the students and between them and the teachers. The teachers themselves are really excellent. In fact, Denis and Jean, are the best teachers of French whom I have ever encountered. Their enthusiasm, helpfulness, knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. I have never heard anything but the highest praises from fellow students for their teaching approaches and methods.


LUTECE LANGUE is also very well run. I have never had any problem in booking coures or any other arrangements relevant to such coures. In this regard, Françoise provides a most efficient and effective service in a very pleasant and friendly way. She is very customer focused and always listens and responds to the requirements of students at the school.


I look forward more than ever to my annual “séjour” at LUTECE LANGUE. The adult composition of its classes is one factor which makes each visit such a fruitful one. Of even greater importance is the philosophy and approach of LUTECE LANGUE itself. In my view, it is an organisation which believes strongly in what it does and cares passionately about the professional delivery of its services. It does this in a very friendly environment which puts the primary emphasis on the needs of its students. To me, LUTECE LANGUE is very much “a home from home”.


Paul Cassidy, Dublin, Ireland



I studied at LUTECE LANGUE for 2 months, when I started the course, I was in doubt about my ability in French – I needed more controlled practice to grasp things faster. I had learned a lot at the school thanks to  your wonderful, natural and dynamic teacher Marie. She has a natural ability to teach and is “very” concerned for her students’ well being – 100% ! Bravo.


Kristine RICHARDSON, Anglo-Brésilienne






Among a number of French language schools in Paris, I’ve chosen LUTECE LANGUE because of their small class size (2-7 students per class) and their teaching policy which is focusing on learners. And I was right to choose LUTECE. The quality of classes and teaching staff was excellent. Unfortunately, I could study French for only 2 weeks at the school. I will keep on learning French in my country and come back again to LUTECE LANGUE  next time in Paris.



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