#8 Improve your pronunciation to better speak French

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Bad habits are difficult to change!

From the beginner level, make particular efforts to correct your pronunciation when you speak French. We always explain to our students who are learning French that the most important part to focus in the communication is the pronunciation. If you don’t know a word, you can always replace it by a synonymous or a paraphrase and if you don’t conjugate a verb correctly it’s not that important since it can be understood thanks to the context. In contrast, a mispronounced word can prevent or slow down the conversation and can even annoy the spokesperson.

Improve your french pronunciation with our phonetic method

Lutece langue school offers a pronunciation WORKSHOP every Wednesday. The phonetic teacher developed pronunciation exercises and activities based on the difficult phonemes for most of the non-native French speakers: discrimination of oral vowels U and OU, E and O, the nasals AN, ON, IN, the R phoneme, liaisons, the final letters which are silent and no silent, etc. With games, elocution exercises, auditory discrimination and theatrical games, our phonetic WORKSHOP gives students some tools to improve or change their pronunciation and to get self-confidence for learning French. Students of any level can attend the workshop and the teacher can give personal advices and help to each of them since they are maximum 7 students per class.

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