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Discover Our Specialized French Courses in Paris

LUTECE LANGUE offers specialized French courses in small-groups of 2 to 7 people. This program aims to help foreign professionals and students. Improve your French for a job or your studies in a French speaking environment.

  • WORKSHOP : Professional French in Company. Oral & Written Communication 
  • WORKSHOP : Upgrading Written French 
  • PRIVATE LESSON: Specialized French



WORKSHOP : Professional French in Company, Oral & Written Communication

Specialized French Lessons in ParisLearn how to communicate in typical professional situations in a French company.

This training will help you to improve your written and verbal skills. It will benefit professionals working in a French-speaking business environment who need to conduct everyday business tasks with confidence.

  • Duration: 16 hours – 4 hours per week for 4 weeks.
  • Time: Tue & Wed 19h00-21h00
  • Starting date:  Contact us
  • Required French level: B1
  • Group size: 2-4
  • Price: 460 EUR / 4 weeks



WRITING WORKSHOP : Upgrading Written French

image rédactionUpgrade your understanding of French grammar. Become confident in writing letters and emails in French.

This training is beneficial to those who need  to develop writing skills in French, both for daily and professional situations.


  • Duration: from 4 weeks (4h/week)
  • Time: Mon & Wed 18h30-20:30
  • Required French level: A2+
  • Group size: 2-7
  • Starting date:  24/09/18
  • Price: 384 EUR/4 weeks


PRIVATE LESSONS Specialized French

Learn technical vocabulary and expressions of professional French. We teach a wide range of specialist vocabulary. Including:

  • Business,
  • Law,
  • Medicine
  • Cooking
  • Fashion,
  • Exam preparation
  • University. (more info)


Conversational lessons (EVENING French course – Extensive 3h & 5h)

This conversation course is ideal if you want to speak better French. It will also help to improve your fluency and become a confident French speaker. You will be able to review some of your grammar and practice speaking by taking part in discussions as well as using role-play and acting.

  • (Extensif 3h) Mon & Wed 19h30-21h General French classe
  • (Extensif 5h) Mon & Wed 18h30-19h30 Atelier Ecrit, 19h30-21h General French class
  • Required French level: A2
  • Group size: 2-7
  • Starting date: Any week
  • Price: from 65 EUR per week


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