Super Intensive French Course 30h

Immersion in French language and culture

Our Super Intensive French course is designed for adult learners who need to improve French for professional and academic purpose. We recommend this course if you look for a very intensive French course in Paris and have only a limited time. Gain effective communication skills in French and deepen understanding of the French culture. To ensure the quality, our courses are all in small groups of 3-8 students.

  • – Start of course: every Monday
  • – End of course: Friday (Option: Saturday)
  • – Course duration: from 1 week
  • – Required French level: minimum A2
  • – Hours of course per day: 6 hours, Monday through Friday (Option: Saturday)

This program is also eligible for BILDUNGSURLAUB (Educational leave) in Germany if you are working in the regions such as Lower Saxony, Berlin, Hambourg, Hess, Rheinland-Pfalz, Sachen-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein. For more information about BILDUNGSURLAUB, please contact us.

Programme: Super Intensive French 30h

By taking our Super Intensive French course in Paris, you learn French intensively through several different settings: in general group lessons, thematic workshops, and thematic private lessons. As a result, you will improve naturally your communication skills in French. Our Super Intensive French course 30h consists of the following lessons:

  • * INTENSIVE General French (15h): 3 hours/day: 9h00-10h30, 10h45-12h15 Monday to Friday
  • * Afternoon Thematic Workshop (7,5h): 1,5 hours/day, 13h15-14h45 Monday to Friday
  • * Private lesson (4,5h): 1,5 hours x 3 days; 15h00-16h30 Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • * Evening French lesson (3h): 1,5 hours x 2 days: 19h30-21h00 Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu (depending on level) – OR – Saturday French lessons (3h) 9h30-12h30

NOTE: Required French level: minimum A2

Like our other French programs, Super Intensive French course is an “on-going” weekly program: there is no fixed starting and ending dates join students can join the courses any Monday throughout year, for one week up to one year.


We have 5-6 levels and students are placed in a class that corresponds best to their current level of French. LUTECE LANGUE requires all the new students to take oral and written level tests prior to their course starting date (about 2 weeks in advance).

According to the result of the above tests, the school evaluates each student’s current French level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CECRL). Students are placed in the most appropriate class, among 5-6 levels:

A1.0: complete beginner
A1: beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Intermediate
B2: upper intermediate
C1/C2: advanced/mastery