Course Information & Teaching method

Public: all public

Prerequisite: No prerequisite. All levels in the framework of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). All students must take initial level tests.

Course objectives : develop the 4 general language skills in French (Oral expression & comprehension, Written expression & comprehension) to be more confident an autonomous in communicating in personal and professional contexts.

Teaching methods: Communicative method and interactive approach for immediate implementation of the acquired knowledge through various class activities: Structured general conversation, Listening/ Reading, Comprehension questions, Grammar and re-employment exercises, Written or oral production on the subject, Reading articles, Phonetics, Role-playing, Scenarios

Teaching materials: Work from audio, digital, textbooks, authentic documents, newspaper articles, etc.

Assessment methods: Initial audit (written & oral levels) 2 weeks before the course starting date. Then, the continuous oral assessment, written test at the end of the week in class.

Certification prepared: DELF/DAFL, TCF, PIPPLET Flex FLE, etc.


Registration: from 1 week (Onsite)/ 2 weeks (Online) to 1 year, On-going weekly courses

Starting dates: every Monday (except complete beginners)

Starting dates for complete beginners: (2022): 10/01, 07/02, 07/03, 04/04, 09/05, 07/06 (06/06 no class due to holiday, replacement lessons are offered), 04/07, 01/08, 05/09, 03/10, 31/10, 28/11

National holidays: (2022): 01/01, 18/04, 26/05, 06/06, 14/07, 15/08, 01/11, 11/11, replacement lessons are offered.

Delay for application: 2 weeks recommended (late booking could be possible if space available. Contact us)

Placement tests: 1-2 weeks before the starting date (all students including beginners)

Confirmation of class schedule: by Wednesday of the previous week prior to the starting date

Cancellation / Course change policy: Send a 2-week email notice to admin office before the starting date

Absence: No refund or replacement unless the admin office receives 1 week absence notice. In case of serious illness for longer than 5 days, a medical certificate must be sent to the admin office immediately

Accessibility: The school building is accessible to persons with physical disabilities (LUTECE LANGUE – 6 rue Las Cases 75007 Paris)

Let me know if any questions.