Study in Paris

Study in Paris

Studying in Paris and learn French

Study French in ParisThomas Jefferson famously said, “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and the point of life.” Millions of people would agree wholeheartedly with that statement, now more than ever before in history.

Paris is a magical place; that’s why it’s the most visited city on planet Earth. If you want to do more than snap a few photos and eat some great meals, consider taking time to study in Paris, whether that be taking an art class, enrolling in a top university or learning a new skill or sport. Along with that sort of specialised study, you also must take French lessons in a top language school in the City of Light.

Whether you are searching for the “point of life” or simply want to learn how to paint in a city filled to the brim with masterworks, the chance to study in Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up.

Learn at your rhythm the bases from French

It’s also not as difficult as you think. Schools of all kinds offer courses that do not require fluency in French, and there are even courses for complete beginners. However, it is ideal to get familiar with some very basic French, such as French sounds, before taking French lessons in France. The teacher’s instructions will generally be in French, thus having a bit of prior knowledge helps students to get off to a good start and have an efficient learning experience. That’s why many people who want to study in Paris make sure that they combine their other learning with French lessons at a certified school in the city. The best of those schools can work with complete beginners who speak neither French nor English.

The ideal schedule is to take several hours of French, then several hours of whatever subject interests you, leaving plenty of time to walk around the city and discover all that it has to offer. Being in Paris, your learning of French will be a constant activity, not a sterile program that is confined to the classroom. You will discover that your progress will be far more rapid than it was during your secondary school years, as you are surrounded by French speakers and communication in French in every form. These are the hothouse conditions by which people can learn French most quickly.

Thomas Jefferson was a very smart man, an expert farmer, president of the United States, founder of a top university and a man who understood that Paris had many lessons to teach all people. If you study in Paris, you, too, can learn vital lessons of history, beauty and perhaps the point of life.