Learn French in France

Learn French in France

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Best way to learn French

Anyone who has tried to learn a language in a country where that language is not spoken, or not spoken widely, can testify to the difficulties of this. How many people take a language in secondary school and then years later say that they don’t remember any of it?

Learn French in France: the most effective way to make progress quickly

This occurs because during the process of learning the language. There is no daily reinforcement of it in real life. The student does not have to draw on the new language to get around and function in daily life. That’s why it is always preferable to learn a language in the land in which it is used. Thus the best way to learn French is to learn French in France.

The reasons for this are obvious, but need to be underlined again:

  • Learning is not restricted to the classroom. It becomes a 24/7 activity as you see French written on signs, hear it spoken on the street and on the radio and television. The learning never stops!
  • Many language theorists believe that morsels of language are not fully learned until they are spoken by the student. As you learn French in France, you will be required to draw on phrases that you learn in class, cementing the expressions that you acquire.
  • Learning a language as part of learning a culture is always preferable, increasing the student’s love and understanding of the target language and culture.
  • Hearing French spoken correctly is key to mimicking the proper accent. This is perhaps the best reason to learn French in France.
  • Do we need a bullet point about how enjoyable it is to spend time in Paris? Didn’t think so.

Learn French in Paris for perfect pronunciation

The optimal place to learn French in France is obviously Paris. The city is full of possibilities for exploration in your down time, the airline tickets to this major hub are the most reasonable for coming to France. Moreover the Parisian accent is always desired when learning the language. The southern accent in France, for instance, is pleasant but not standard.

To be clear: a student will learn more in a week or two as s/he learns French in France than another student could learn in months or years elsewhere. Swim in the sea of French. Learn French in France for the most rapid progress possible.


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