Thematic French Workshops in Paris

French workshops with Candy Try French Workshops – Lean French diffirently and efficiently

Personalize your French program with Workshops! LUTECE LANGUE French Language School offers 4 thematic workshops in small groups:

  • Conversation
  • Writing  & grammar. DELF/TCF preparation
  • Pronunciation
  • Conjugation (new program) : more information

Thematic Workshops are an optional course. Unlike General French courses, Workshops are to tackle your specific needs in French. You can take them with or without General French courses. For example, combine an INTENSIVE/STANDARD course and workshops. You will develop a base of general French and reinforce specific skills you need at the same time.

The school staff are available to discuss your needs and objectives. Together, we can choose a program that is most suited to you.



With our Thematic Workshops in mini-groups (2-7 students), you can work on your needs and weak points:

  • Gain confidence and verbal skills (Conversation)
  • Strengthen writing skills and review grammar  (Writing Expression)
  • Improve pronunciation and intonation for better communication (Pronunciation)
  • Prepare for French exams (DELF Preparation)
  • Improve conjugation in speaking and writing  (Conjugation) 

You can choose 1 workshop per day, up to 5 workshops per week depending on your needs.

OUR THEMATIC WORKSHOPS:  Monday through Friday, 13:15-14:45

MONDAY:          Conversation (Min. A1+ level required)
TUESDAY:         Pronunciation
WEDNESDAY:   Writing & Grammar. Preparation TCF/DELF
THURSDAY:     Conjugation (new program) more information
FRIDAY:            Conversation (Min.A1+ level required) 

  • Workshops are NOT suitable for COMPLETE BEGINNERS.
  • The day of workshop can be modified. Please ask for the definite schedule for the week each Monday.


atelier conjugaison in French

New Workshop: Conjugation with pleasure!

Learn conjugations differently: in writing and speaking

Grammar reinforcement in context with stimulating activities that develop oral spontaneity and phonetic correction


5 themes of Conjugation Workshop 

Session 1: Revisions of the PRESENT tense (the imperfect and the subjunctive are formed on the basis of the present)

The present of the indicative and its phonetic bases: verbs with 1 base, 2 bases, 3 bases.
Activities of question-answer to develop spontaneity (to speak of oneself, frequent questions, etc.)
The peculiarities of AVOIR and FAIRE verbs. Communicative activities.
The Imperative mode in playful activities.

Session 2: Talk in the PAST tense

Ranking of past participle-compounds in 4 families of sounds: é, u, i, ert, eint.
Technique to memorize the participles-past with AVOIR.
The main verbs in the Past form with ETRE , memorization in rhythm, in song.
Question-answer activities to develop spontaneity.
Written activity: write a short text with the past participle of the same family of sounds.
Formation of the Imperfect form, technique of phonetic and gestural memorization.
Practical exercise in oral: Before, when we did not have TV, we ….

Session 3: Talk in the FUTURE tense

Distinction between the near Future and the Simple Future.
Formation of the Simple future: regular verbs and rhythmic conjugations.
Irregular verbs and creative writing activity.
Communicative activity: the visionary / ideal holiday project

Session 4: Conditional Mode

Distinction between the Simple Future and the Present Conditional.
Times and modes, explanations.
The different usages of the Present Conditional.
Scenarios and collective creation of a “mind map” using the Present Conditional.
The expressions of regret and reproach in the Past Conditional: role-plays.

Session 5: subjunctive mode

The formation of the Present Subjunctive, the technique of memorizing frequently used verbs.
Mechanization of the Present Subjunctive with “Il faut”
Subjective verbs (emotion, wish, order, etc.) and the Subjunctive Present
Playful activities in various situations