Terms & Conditions


A deposit of 350€ or full payment is required for reservation of French courses and accommodation (To calculate the price, please click here). In case you make a deposit payment, full price needs to be paid on the first day of class.

Payment Methods

Credit cards VISA/MASTER: Secured Online payment
You can pay online or contact us to give your credit card details (Holder’s name, Card number, expiration date, security number ) by phone, fax, email

LUTECE LANGUE Office hours 9h30 – 17h00 French time, Monday-Friday
TEL +33 1 73 70 17 69 TEL/FAX +33 1 42 36 31 51

Bank Transfer: payable to LUTECE LANGUE.
A copy of transaction needs to be sent to the school at the time of reservation of French course.
=Our bank information=
SOCIETE GENERALE Paris St. Dominique
106 rue St Dominique 75007 Paris
Bank & Branch Code : 30003 – 03290
Account N°: 000 20042325
IBAN: FR76 3000303290 00020042325 96
*Note : Bank charges related to the payment must be paid at your end.

Check: in Euros, payable in France (Travellers checks are not accepted). Please send a check to the school for reservation of French course.

Cash: must be paid at the school before the starting of course.


- STUDENT VISA : (Check if you need French VISA. Embassies and Consulates of France worldwide.) If you wish to apply for VISA, you must book INTENSIVE course during the whole period of your stay in France. The school will send the certificate of enrolment within 2 working days. Deposit payment of 30% of the total fee by bank transfer is required at the time of application.

- LONG TERM discount : Discount is applied to a booking for longer than 10 weeks, with full payment by bank transfer.


If you wish to reserve accommodation, a handling fee is charged at the time of reservation. The accommodation price will be fixed in the confirmation letter which the school sends you within 3 working days.
Please note that accommodation price must be paid in cash on your first day of class.

In case of cancellation / date changes of accommodation confirmed by the school, LUTECE LANGUE charges a handling fee of 20€. Note that cancellation policy varies depending on the type of stay:

Homestay : Minimum one-week notice. If not the price for one week is charged.
Residence : More than 30 days notice : 20€ is charged by the residence
Less than 30 days notice : 30% of total price is charged.
Hotel / Studio : the conditions will be mentioned in the booking confirmation.


Students may cancel their enrolment within 10 days from their initial registration.
In case of cancellation, the school refunds the tuition fee if the student gives us minimum 2 weeks written notice (in case of serious illness, a medical certificate is required).

A refund will be made only by bank transfer and at the cost of the student or by check. A handling fee of 35 € is charged. Registration fees (55 €) as well as fees charged to issue pre-enrolment certificates for visa applications (35 €) are non-refundable.
The school reserves the right to cancel or shorten classes if the number of students is not sufficient. In case of cancellation decided by the school, the entire tuition fee will be refunded.


If you can’t start the course on the date which is fixed in the confirmation, you can request for date changes by contacting the school with minimum 2 weeks written notice. The entire cours fee is charged in the case of short notice.  Handling fee 20€ .


If students don’t show up and miss the class for any reason, excluding for medical reasons and on presentation of a doctor’s note, LUTECE LANGUE will not refund the tuition.


To avoid disturbing class, students who arrive over 10 minutes late will have to wait until break time to join their class.


Students must follow the school’s Internal Rules and in case of breach are subject to the applicable sanctions as per the Internal Rules.


LUTECE LANGUE declines all responsibility for thefts of belongings, damages, losses, accidents or sickness during the student’s stay in France. All students are strongly recommended to be covered by personal
insurance which covers civil liability, sickness, and accidents.


The school is closed and no French courses are held on the following national holidays:

(2014) 1er  January, 21 April, 1er, 8, 29 May, 9 June, 14 July, 15 August, 11 November, 25 December
(2015) 1er  january, 9 April, 1er, 8, 14, 25 May, 14 July, 15 August, 1er, 11 November, 25 December

No refund will be made for the missed classes due to the national holidays. However, the school will arrange make-up classes. Please contact for the detailed information.


1. Do you have age limit ?
Our French courses are designed for adults (+18). For students under 18, parental authorization is required. Please contact us for more details.

2. When should I register? Is there any dead line ?
There is no dead line for application as long as spaces are available. However, we advise you to register 1 month before, if possible. Taking written and oral tests are mandatory for all students and these tests must be taken “before” starting French course.

3. I took a French course at LUTECE LANGUE last year. I want to register again this year but do I need to pay the registration fee again ?

No. Registration fee needs to be paid only for the first time. Your LUTECE LANGUE membership is valid for life and you can take our French courses without paying registration fee whenever you come to Paris !