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French for Beginners: Lessons in mini-groups 2-7

French for beginners

Beginner students particularly need special classroom attention and care from teachers.

Class size of our French for beginners course is limited to 2-7 students so that the course will be an ideal introduction to French language. Please note that our beginner lessons are designed especially for COMPLETE BEGINNERS (A1.0):

  • Students who have never learned French
  • Students who know only a few words in French and can barely make a sentence.

You can choose one of the following courses:

15h week
3h x 5 days
Monday to Friday
 3h / week
Evening : 2 lessons 1h30 
3h / week
Saturday: 1 lesson 3h

Next starting date for beginners:
* INTENSIVE course:  6 novembre, 2017, 13h15-16h30  
* EXTENSIVE Evening 3h : 10 Octobre 2017, Tue & Thu, 19h30-21h
* EXTENSIVE Saturday 3h : contact us



Objectives of our French for Beginners Lessons


By taking our complete BEGINNER lessons, discover the pleasure of communicating in French! The focus of class activities is placed on conversation practice so that students can not only understand but actually “use” very basic grammar and vocabulary, and learn to speak in French. Through our beginner French lessons, students will gain a base with which to engage in simple conversations in daily situations such as: Introducing oneself and others, greeting people, asking and giving simple information, numbers, time, finding their way, etc. Our French courses are for adults (+18)

INTENSIVE 15 hour would be the best option to start learning French for complete beginners. If you are not available for INTENSIVE, we have also EXTENSIVE 3 hour programs.

15h / week
3h x 5 days
Monday to Friday
Extensive Evening
3h /week
2 lessons 1h30 19h30-21h00
Lundi & Mercredi ou Mardi & jeudi
Extensive Saturday
3h / week
3h per day
Saturday 9h30-12h30

Starting dates for complete beginners INTENSIF:

Registration is possible from 1 week to 1 yeear. Please note that complete beginner students can start on the following dates :

2017: Jan 9, Fev 6, March 6, April 3, May 2, June 6, July 3, July 31, Sep 4, Oct 2, Nov 6

IMPORTANT: Class schedule for complete beginners: 13h15-16h30. All the students, including complete beginners, are requested to take oral and written placement test 2 weeks before the starting date.

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