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Learn French in France at Lutece Langue, French Language School in Paris 

 How To Speak French 
Lutece Langue has over 19 years experience running a successful French language school. We are based in the heart of Paris and offer a wide range of courses for those who want to take French language courses for professional or personal use. We believe in offering personalized education programs to our students, which is why we only offer a limited number of students per class.

French language school ParisLutece Langue has a proven record of success, with many of our students returning to further their studies and develop their French language skills. Read on to find out why we believe our French language school stands out among the others.

Our unique approach to how to learn French ensures that we are not faced with the “common problems” which many other French language schools run into. Take a look at how we provide effective solutions to learning French below.

French courses in small groups of 2-7 students

Common problem #1: Large class sizes  – Students find it difficult to learn when they are placed in large classes. We limit our classe size, ensuring that each student can receive a personalized education program and play an active role in classes.

Engagement for the Quality of our French courses

Common problem #2: Difficulty to determine the quality of lessons – When searching for a French language school online it is hard to determine the quality of the courses they offer. Lutece Langue has been providing high quality French language courses since 1997.  More than 40% of our students return to further their studies and develop their French language skills. Take a look at our testimonials page to see what our students think of our services! 

Personalized attention and teaching to each student

Common problem #3: Anonymity of students – In large schools, students are often lost amongst the rest, making it difficult for teachers to provide them with the necessary instruction and help. We run a small French language school that treats every student like family. Our teachers provide each student with personalized education, ensuring their attention is distributed fairly. The fact our teachers get to know each student individually enables them to monitor their progress more effectively.

Student-oriented Teaching approach

Common problem #4: Inflexible in class curriculum – In many schools, teachers carry out their lessons at their own pace or according to a quota or curriculum set by the school board. Teachers that lack flexibility, struggle to personalize the course to students’ needs and pace. This should not be the case—students having to adapt to their teachers—but, rather, the other way round. At LUTECE LANGUE, the teachers are autonomous and can choose the best teaching materials based on their students’ needs and requirements.

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Study Abroad in Paris – French Courses for Foreigners

High quality French language courses

We believe that the real goal, and a real challenge, of language learning is not just to learn notions.  What’s the point of just collecting “tools” (grammar and vocabulary) without knowing how to “use” these tools in the act of “communication“? . This is the reason why our classes focus on the spoken language and encourage students to develop their capacity to communicate, using correctly the tools.

1. General French Language Courses

Our main weekly general French courses – INTENSIVE, STANDARD, EXTENSIVE (evening & Saturday)  – are provided in small groups and designed to improve individuals’ overall French skills, with a focus on conversation. They aim to develop the base of general French language, which is fundamental for communication in daily and professional situations.

Option courses – Thematic Workshops & Private lessons – are also available if you need to reinforce particular skills in French.

2. Professional French Language Courses

French language training for companies

For foreign personnels, French language and inter-cultural understanding are key elements for their successful stay in France.  Our French language courses are eligible for financial support from the OPCA within the framework of Professional Continuing Training and CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation)

Specialized French Courses


Tailor-made and flexible private lessons are adapted to develop technical vocabularies in line with your niche area of study or employment. Examples of niche areas include: business, culinary, fashion, hotel and tourism, university preparation, etc.

– WORKSHOP: Communication & Customer relationship

Learn how to communication effectively in French with customers. This training is ideal for those who work or want to work in the sectors such as hotel, restaurant, café, sales, service, etc.

WORKSHOP:  Professional French in French Company

Learn how to communicate in typical professional situations in workplace. This training aims to help you get familiar with business culture in France and become more confident of your French communication skills.

WORKSHOP: Reinforcement in grammar and Writing skills

Upgrade your understanding of French grammar and get confident in writing letters/emails in French. This training is beneficial to those in need to develop writing skill in French for daily and professional situations.

3. SKYPE French Lessons

In your office or at home,  in France or abroad, you can learn French with our qualified and experienced native French teachers. We provide personalized private lessons by SKYPE, focusing on particular skills such as : conversations, Grammar and Writing, TCF/DELF Preparation, etc.